Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind

Extinction Dialogs

Extinction Dialogs: How to Live with Death in Mind is a candid conversation between Guy McPherson and Carolyn Baker. The text addresses the scientific research regarding abrupt climate change as well as how humans who grasp the likelihood of near-term human extinction can prepare emotionally and spiritually for the demise of many species on Earth, including ours. Synthesizing scientific and psycho-spiritual perspectives, McPherson and Baker provide a manual for understanding our terminal status and therefore allow this knowledge to shape every aspect of our relationships and behavior in humanity’s last hours.


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It takes great courage to speak the truth in this culture of lies. With the fate of so much life on this beautiful planet at stake, I am deeply grateful to Guy McPherson and Carolyn Baker for writing this important book.

—Derrick Jensen, American author, radical environmentalist, and poet-philosopher of the ecological movement

Cassandra had nothing on Guy McPherson.  While I’m not ready to go into planetary hospice (as Studs Terkel said, ‘Hope Dies Last”), his science is damn scary – and solid – and every person who aspires to environmental activism should read this book to understand the damage our ‘civilization’ has done to our planet and its possible/probable consequences.

—Thom Hartmann, author, TV Commentator

Given that we are now well advanced into abrupt climate disruption on a global scale, Extinction Dialogs is mandatory reading. McPherson pulls no punches in providing the clearest, most honest assessment of where the planet is, climatologically, then Baker helps us begin to cope, both emotionally and spiritually, with these devastating realities. This groundbreaking book is a beacon in a new era of existence.
—Dahr Jamail, author and journalist

How does one live with the unthinkable? Guy McPherson lays out increasing scientific evidence of abrupt climate change, but he doesn’t strand us there. Both he and Carolyn Baker share their personal journeys of facing into the abyss of collapse and possible near-term human extinction. Moving through despair, anger, grief, and darkness, they emerge with acceptance and a vibrant love for life: “Treasure each moment. Choose a life of excellence.” Even more precious, these courageous and caring pathfinders share practical tools and guiding insights for grappling with the darkest possibility.

—Janaia Donaldson, host and producer of “Peak Moment Conversations: Locally Reliant Living for Challenging Times.