[If this analysis seems too “dire,” check out today’s article by Paul Farrell on Marketwatch: “2008 Crash Deja Vu: We’ll Relive It And Soon.”–CB

The cars are coming off the rails.  This is a big market move and a signal that Apmex and many others see Fukushima’s impact on the global economy, our civilization, and the Old Paradigm. Put another way, they see pm’s going absurdly hot very shortly which is exactly what I have written about consistently for over a decade. This fits with my analysis predicting immediate (there is no better term) apocalyptic events. Having left a record of maybe three million words I have never used that word before.

What I have said consistently in many university lectures in seven countries over nine years is that we will certainly see $2,000, $5,000 and maybe even $10,000 gold. And in the same breath I usually shuddered and said, “But when that happens we will not recognize the world we live in anymore.”

A great many people have criticized the fact that I had predicted $2,000 gold by the end of last year. (Ted Williams only had to bat .400 to be the best in baseball. Did major league pitchers stop fearing him when he struck out?) Well, if we see $2,000 gold in May then I missed it by five months… I also missed the 2008 crash by about a year and a half. The film “Collapse” by Chris Smith was a success because of the fact that I so accurately predicted the events… not because I missed that date. The most important thing I got absolutely right was that $2,000 gold was actually coming. That was and remains the essential point here. Few believed me when I first said that gold might break $500 in 2001… My guess is that silver may well blast through $100.

This is assuredly connected to China’s official announcement that it intends to sell $2 Trillion of USD holdings [see the April 24th story below]. And why might China be deciding to dump now?… A caveman could see that — come July — the markets are toast, nobody will be able to afford oil, the derivatives will implode, more than a billion people will not have enough money to eat and — as I said in “Collapse” — “Everything will just shut down”.

And then everything will blow up.

That is the world I described in “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American empire at the End of the Age of Oil” in 2004. That is the world we are living in today. The book is in the Harvard Business School library.

As I said in my last video alert, it should all happen by July. The emerging stories about corporate production and earnings are really frightening and they are emerging globally at an accelerating pace, from Europe, to South Africa, to China and here in the U.S. We bring them to you every day on the World News Desk.

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