GroundedKMO welcomes Carolyn Baker back to the C-Realm to discuss the topics she plans to address at the upcoming Age of Limits gathering. The conversation begins with the simultaneous need for mental healthcare in a time when fewer and fewer people have access to any sort of healthcare. Carolyn talks about staying sane in an age of madness and the danger of having a mental health professional reduce large scale social phenomena of a society in the process of catastrophic transition down to individual mental pathology and affixing that label to you. Later the topic turns to Occupy Wall Street and the subject matter of David Graeber’s new book, The Democracy Project: a History, a Crisis, a Movement. (A portion of the book appeared as A Practical Utopian’s Guide to the Coming Collapse in The Baffler.) Why protest to demand that a collapsing political system reform itself when you can simply demonstrate a different way of meeting human needs through direct democracy and mutual aid?

Music by Mamie Minch.


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