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At long last, a beautiful, touching, inspiring film that allows me to bring all of my emotions, my life experience and my heart into the now-obvious reality of collapse. No film, including my own from just four years ago, has yet created and held space for people to grieve, and — in that grief – find themselves bathed in infinite love. We are ready for that now. The human race is hungry for that and we are becoming more so by the day. “Somewhere in New Mexico Before the End of Time” has emerged from consciousness at the precise moment when it was needed. Unlike any of the excellent films done on the subject since “Collapse” in 2009, this film has the potential to galvanize human consciousness and steer everything towards a different possible future. Let us do all we can to maximize both its impact and reach.


Guy McPherson is a deeply kindred soul whose love for all life and sincerity permeates. Michael Sosebee knows how to make and shoot one Hell of a fine film. Brilliant editing. Exquisite music. Well done.


Michael C. Ruppert

Author: “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil”

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