Stop what you are doing and breathe.
Breathe into the life that you are given.

Stop what you are doing and breathe into this moment
This moment of gathering darkness hovering at the edge
Of colored lights and plastic trees and busy streets and unmet needs

Breathe into the darkness
Growling with the waxing web of war
Wrapping the somnolent fear fed world
in the power hungry vice grips of adolescent tyrants
Formed from the dust of overextended empires
Caught by the ruthless clutch of encroaching stupidity
Escaping the boundaries of all reason at the cost of
Everything You Hold Dear.

Breathe into the wraithlike reporters of doom and gloom
Breathe into the anguished futile cries
Of unheard children wanting the world to last
The trees to stand, the rivers to flow
The sun to shine tomorrow and the next day and the next
Without Nuclear Winter.

Breathe through the putrid stench of all that is dying
And Scream your Agonized Release.

Scream and open to the darkness that is the Great Unmaking.
Open to the darkness that is the letting go,
The crashing down, the stricken stalk,
The dwindling stream, the moonless night,
The used up yesterdays
Whose rightful place is
Peacefully Pushed into the Past.

Breathe and die to the ego-driven empires within you
Spun from the longing of misled separation
Breathe into the endless, endless nothing that is the
blackest velvet source of all.
Breathe into the quiet, the still, the empty and the full
The cradling cloak of rest that
Remembers and Renews.

Breathe into the darkness that is the moist wet womb
Breathe into the slumbering seed,
Cradled in the eternity of crumbled mountains.
Breathe into the the gaping black lace of infinite galaxies,
Birthed from the hiccups of sleeping Gods
Just to tell us there’s something
More than Meets the Eye.

Reach into the teeming void to a distant star
And pull it down through endless steps and rainbow veils
And yearning kisses and improbable wishes
Breathe the dreams of dark night’s slumber
onto the tongues of the inner flame,
the luminous light,
The awakening dance
Breaking the trance
Taking the chance on
Changing the Stance.

Breathe into your undulating visions
Birthed from sorrow into hope
Birthed from darkness into faith
Birthed from nothing into something
Something better, something new, something yet we do not know
But only feel, deep within, deep and down,
Where Darkness Reigns Forever
like the
Ancient Queen She Is.

And then, and then, only then,
The Light Will Come.

– Anodea Judith

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