Buy Dark Gold: The Human Shadow And The Global Crisis in Audiobook format

Dark Gold: The Human Shadow And The Global Crisis I'm happy to announce that my book Dark Gold is now available in audio format (MP3) for only $9.99. You can buy it here...

Join Me And A Host Of Major Thought Leaders For This Free Summit

There is an important invitation in this moment that is calling us forth as individuals and as community.  As the world around us feels more intense, we are being given an opportunity to tune in to a deeper understanding of who we are and how we show up in life.   The...

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An integrity model that has worked beautifully since 2008. As we feel the reverberations of collapse and catastrophic climate change in our lives, I continue to notice that they are nudging-or catapulting us-into a new paradigm. Old perceptions and methods aren't...

Announcing the NEW Lifeboat Hour Podcast

Today, March 28, 2016, I am launching the first episode of the New Lifeboat Hour podcast.

Carolyn Baker is a true revolutionary and fore-runner for the emerging zeitgeist of what I have come to call, the Perennialist Movement….a trust built on the foundations of indigenous wisdom and spiritual heritage. She is providing a safe place to have dangerous conversations about uncertain futures, and is our best hope for the societal schizophrenia that is truly the gravest danger to our humanity.

— John Glavis

Resilience Bridge – Thriving in a Predicament-Laden world.

by Carolyn Baker, Dean Walker – Living Resilience

Ecopsychology Voices

Carolyn interviewed by Canadian Ecopsychology Network

Resilience and Regeneration

An Interview with Carolyn Baker

Savage Grace

In the boldest and most daring book either author has ever written, Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker confront us with the life and death reality of the global crisis and the fact that four crucial strategies must be employed not only to survive the dark night, but to inhabit our bodies and our lives with passionate authenticity, honesty, vigilance, community, compassion, and service. These strategies are Reconnection, Resistance, Resilience, and Regeneration. Deep and unprecedented reconnection with self, others, and Earth must be our mission, regardless of the outcome. Distinguishing between “problems” which have solutions and “predicaments” which can only be responded to, Harvey and Baker articulate precisely how we have arrived at this unprecedented juncture and offer strategies of resistance against the fundamental enemies of humanity and the Earth. Such a response demands of us something far deeper than what conventional religions and visions of activism call for–nothing less than living and acting from the Sacred Self, both without illusion and totally committed to compassion and justice even, if necessary, in hopeless situations.

With Trump, it’s as if the Titanic has hit the iceberg. We are the passengers. The only question before us, and before the whole world, is how we stop the ripping of our hull. The original Titanic sunk due to human arrogance. There is still time for us to save ourselves with the power of humility, resistance and renewal. This book offers a compelling and profound pathway for human survival after hitting the iceberg.

—Jim Garrison, Founder and President of Ubiquity University.

A powerful manual for a spiritual revolution! Read it, pray it, reflect on it, and then start acting on it…because the future of the world depends on it.

—Adam Bucko, co-author of Occupy Spirituality and The New Monasticism


The Lifeboat Hour

In 2014 Carolyn acquired the Lifeboat Hour on Progressive Radio Network from the late Michael Ruppert. She is now podcasting on her own with guests and commentary which provide practical tools for navigating the turbulent waters of the global crisis.

Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais are thrilled to Announce Carolyn Baker Host of The New Lifeboat Hour will join the Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age platform starting August 5th 8am & 8pmET.

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I used to think the top environmental problems facing the world were global warming, environmental degradation and eco-system collapse, and that we scientists could fix those problems with enough science. But I was wrong. The real problem is not those three items, but greed, selfishness and apathy. And for that we need a spiritual and cultural transformation. And we scientists don’t know how to do that.

— Gus Speth

Conversations with Andrew Harvey

Carolyn Baker has risen phoenix-like from the smoking ashes of many previous selves and psychic deaths, and knows from her own experience how the deepest crises birth the most astounding and transformative possibilities.

— Andrew Harvey

News and Articles

The Woman Who Silenced America For Six Minutes And Twenty Seconds, By Carolyn Baker

In reality, what Emma and her friends are experiencing is a profane, contemporary iteration of what youth in ancient, tribal times experienced in a sacred, contained, ritual setting. In those times, the community understood that rites of passage in youth were as necessary as learning to walk, cutting teeth, or entering puberty. Thus the community prepared its children for adolescent rites of passage because they understood that children come to this life with an inherent need for them. In fact, they understood that not providing rites of passage or what is sometimes called initiation, guarantees that the child will never grow up and in fact, will become toxic to the community

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Introduction Of “Beyond Hope: Letting Go Of A World In Collapse,” By Deb Ozarko

My purpose with this book is not to convince you of the apocalyptic times we are now living in, or of the biosphere collapse currently underway, or of what you already know inside yourself. The fact that this book is in your hands is indicative of a truth that already lives within. My purpose for this book is to highlight the inauthenticity of who and what we’ve allowed ourselves to become so that in these final times, we can awaken to, and embrace all of who and what we’ve always been meant to be. At the very least, let’s make our final ride enlightening, compassionate, and caring. Let’s at least become as a result of what now is.

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I Felt Despair About Climate Change–Until A Brush With Death Changed My Mind, By Alison Spodek Keimowitz

This planet is dying. Not just in the way that life on Earth is always, inevitably beginning and ending, that species are rising and falling, that extinction and evolution occur, and that temperature and sea levels cycle dramatically and irregularly. In the 21st century, Earth is hurtling toward a specific death with a shape, a name, and a timeline. It is dying of global warming, climate change, extinction, biological annihilation, and ocean acidification. The exact names and the exact timing is debated, but the overall trajectory of life on Earth is well-understood: We are in the midst of Earth’s sixth mass extinction, and the odds of human civilization reaching the 22nd century are often estimated at no better than 50/50.

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Is America On The Verge Of A Constitutional Crisis? By Quinta Jurecic and Benjamin Wittes

McCabe’s firing is part of a pattern. It follows the summary removal of the previous FBI director and comes amid Trump’s repeated threats to fire the attorney general, the deputy attorney, and the special counsel who is investigating him and his associates. McCabe’s ouster unfolded against a chaotic political backdrop which includes Trump’s repeated calls for investigations of his political opponents, demands of loyalty from senior law enforcement officials, and declarations that the job of those officials is to protect him from investigation. All of which has led many observers to wonder: Are we in the midst of a constitutional crisis? And if so, would we even know?

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Getting Past Trump, Part 2: The Russia Connection, By Richard Heinberg

I probably won’t change many minds about Trump/Russia in what I’ve written above. Some will probably conclude that I’ve sold my soul to the Clintonites (for the record, I did not support Clinton in the election), or that I’ve bought into anti-Russian propaganda emanating from the neoconservative foreign policy establishment. But that’s also part of the story: we are entering a post-truth era in which tribal alignment matters far more than mere facts, which are becoming ever harder to establish to everyone’s agreement. Jennifer Kavanagh calls this “truth decay,” and notes that it makes the job of informing and mobilizing the public much harder—not just with regard to Trump-Russia or politics in general, but also when it comes to climate change and the other collective survival threats

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Grief And Imperfection: What It Means To Hold Each Other Close, By Umair Haque

So here Americans are. They are trapped in rage and despair and anxiety. But they will not grieve for imperfection — and thus free themselves of the burdens of perfection. They still demand perfection from one another — and that is why they cannot treat one another gently. So a culture of cruelty emerges. Kids shoot kids when they’re not numbing themselves with drugs. These are the wages of perfection as a way of life. We might be angry at all that — but the real question: are we grieving?

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How to Thrive When the World’s Falling Apart: A Tiny Seven Step Program for Happiness, Beauty, Truth, and Love, By Umair Haque

“I see a lot of people telling us the world is crashing and burning but very little advice for little people able to plan for the future. Help!!” I get emails. And sometimes I even write essays about them. So. How is one to survive all this — these tumultuous, anxiety-inducing times? I’m going to take you through a seven step self-help program, from tiny to big, shallow to deep, and then we’ll discuss the thinking behind it.

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The Spirituality Of Humanness, By Jeff Brown

The healthy shift towards inclusivity—socially, culturally, politically—must also infiltrate our notions of ‘spirituality’ if it is going to bring us together as a humanity. That is, we must get away from the idea that our spirituality and our humanness are two different realms, one higher or more meaningful than the other. In the way that it has been characterized since time immemorial—and not only by mystics, saints, and cave-dwellers—’spirituality’ has been seen as a way of being that is above and beyond our ‘faulty’ humanness, and certainly from many of the messy and unpleasant aspects of our life experience.

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The Soul-Crushing Legacy Of Billy Graham, By Bob Moser

He was a public-relations savant, a shameless sycophant who whispered sweet nothings to power in lieu of hard truths. He demonstrated what fortunes could be made, and what human glory could be attained, by transforming evangelical Christianity into a patriotic corporate entity. If that’s not American, by God, what is?

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How Six Americans Changed Their Minds About Global Warming

Nearly 70 percent of Americans now say that climate change is caused mainly by human activity, the highest percentage since Gallup began tracking it two decades ago. The number of Americans who say they worry “a great deal” about climate change has risen by about 20 percentage points. But people don’t change their minds easily about controversial issues. So what is behind this trend?

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Baker’s mission is to create islands of sanity in a sea of global chaos. This mission necessitates the development of a variety of emotional tools alongside commitment to spiritual transformation. Through her multi-faceted outreach via webinars, podcasts, live workshops, books, and articles, as well as one-on-one life coaching, Carolyn is touching the lives of thousands to assist them in preparing for the dire consequences of the collapse of industrial civilization and abrupt climate change. One of her principal goals at this time is to expand her teaching outreach online by presenting more webinars and online workshops as well as workshops for live audiences.

Inherited from Mike Ruppert, the New Lifeboat Hour, now in Carolyn’s capable hands, is reaching thousands of people each week around the world as Carolyn engages in conversation with a variety of captivating guests who offer suggestions for creating and operating Lifeboats for navigating our turbulent times.

Hundreds of people have worked with Carolyn in the past five years to receive guidance around living and loving in the midst of global collapse. Carolyn also offers spiritual counseling to provide meaning and purpose in a time of personal and collective suffering. Carolyn is available to individuals who want a companion on their spiritual journey and seek guidance in finding meaning and purpose in turbulent times.

Carolyn believes that one of the key tools we need for navigating the global crisis is solid information. For nearly a decade, Carolyn has published a comprehensive Daily News Digest, seven days per week unless she is traveling. This amazing, subscription-based newsletter contains key stories on economics, the environment, geopolitics, civil liberties, civil unrest, and cultural trends—and contains a unique Inspiration section which reports ways in which people around the world are responding to our planetary predicament.


This website was made possible as a result of a small legacy from the late Richard (Nick) Fyffe who wholeheartedly supported my work and who devoted his last years to justice-making for the LGBT community. In 2011 Nick founded New Wings, an organization dedicated to supporting LGBT individuals who had been influenced by various fundamentalisms and were struggling to integrate spirituality and sexual orientation.