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Many of you have read my books and followed my writing online over the years but perhaps were unable to attend one of my workshops in person. Despite the limitations of audio vs. live presentations, some of my valuable teaching will now be available online.

It is my goal in the coming year to produce extensive audio segments of vital information regarding emotional and spiritual preparation for the collapse of industrial civilization. These will include far more than just information and will offer you the opportunity to utilize many of the experiential exercises provided in my live workshops.

The Lifeboat Hour

In 2014 Carolyn acquired the Lifeboat Hour on Progressive Radio Network from the late Michael Ruppert. She is now podcasting on her own with guests and commentary which provide practical tools for navigating the turbulent waters of the global crisis.

The “New” Lifeboat Hour

  • - Active Love: Beyond The Eleventh Hour–Don’t Be Alone With What You Know

    Carolyn and her team members Dean Walker and Ivey Cone share their excitement regarding their forthcoming online symposium, Active Love: Beyond The Eleventh Hour. Most exciting is the opportunity to join symposium presenters live online for questions and discussion with the presenter and with other participants. This symposium will be a launching pad for a much broader body of work to be intensified in 2017.

  • - Politics, Joy & Radical Mischief

    Andrew Harvey & Carolyn Baker, with Host Ivey Cone, look at the shadow of current politics and the new book Carolyn and Andrew are writing, entitled, “Return To Joy.” How on Earth can we experience joy as the world burns? How can we be present with the burning and stay connected with ourselves, each other, and Earth? Over the years Carolyn and Andrew have collaborated tirelessly to address these issues, and according to them, they’re just getting warmed up.

  • - Staying Awake, Staying Connected, Staying Compassionate And Creative

    Louise LeBrun, founder of WEL-Systems discovery shares yet another lifeboat(s) for navigating these daunting times from a place of inner authority and the revolutionary reality that we cannot rely on the mind alone. We must develop a new and loving relationship with the body and the intuition.

  • - Climate Change And The Energy Scam

    Carolyn hosts energy activist, Nancy La Placa who returns to the New Lifeboat Hour to expose the delusions of clean coal and how the fossil fuel industry maintains dirty and expensive energy policies in the face of climate catastrophe. She also inspires us to take action even in small ways to slow the consequences of disastrous energy policies.

  • - Activism, Art, Aging, and Staying Awake

    Carolyn and Mimi German discuss the journey of activism from initially waking up to full-blown activism to distilling one’s activism into full-bodied, full-hearted living. Poetry, music, meditation, growing food, and total immersion in nature help us integrate our external activism with a long overdue exploration of the inner world, for indeed in a time of global crisis, there is nowhere to go but inward.

  • - Return To Joy: Vibrant Living In A Flatline Culture

    What is the difference between joy and happiness, and why is the difference important? How do we cultivate and experience joy in a deadened culture? The pursuit of happiness costs nothing; the cultivation of joy requires the work of mining the dark gold of the shadow and reaping its inestimable rewards. Carolyn talks about how light and dark travel together and need each other and how confronting the enemies of joy and shadow healing make vibrant living possible–even in a flatline culture.

  • - Extinction And Big Picture Inspiration: The Great Story

    Carolyn talks with Michael Dowd, author, lecturer, and eco-theologian about how we hold the potential for human extinction within the larger picture of the Great Story.  Humans have become cancers on Planet Earth, but we have a choice to instead become immune systems. How do we do this?

  • - Why Can’t We Have The Impossible Conversation?

    Dean Spillane Walker is the author of a forthcoming book entitled “The Impossible Conversation”. What is this conversation? It’s the honest conversation about the sober data of abrupt climate change. Dean and Carolyn discuss what we need to transform within ourselves so that we can have this conversation and live into its implications with courage and compassion.

  • - Cynthia McKinney On Race, US Elections, And Transforming Our Political System

    Former Six-Term Congresswoman and 2008 Presidential Candidate for the Green Party emphasizes the urgency of “getting out of our silos” of disconnection from each other in order to transform our political landscape.

  • - Making It Easier On Other Species And Creating Beauty No Matter What

    Animal rescuer, Jill Angelo and Carolyn discuss Jill’s work in a Chicago-area animal shelter, her new Moondog Farm animal rescue project, and Jill’s new book Sacred Space: How To Turn Your Home Into A Sanctuary. Deep conversation with an activist committed to rescuing animals and creating beauty no matter what the future of our planet may be.

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The “Old” Lifeboat Hour

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 02.03.16 -

    Carolyn talks with Ivey Cone, producer of Fuki Cafe and Extinction Radio, about how we navigate these turbulent times and stay connected with the Earth.

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 01.17.16 -

    Being an elder has less to do with age than with wisdom. Dr. Harvey Austin and Carolyn discuss Harvey’s new book “Elders Rock.”

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 01.10.16 -

    Dean Walker and Carolyn talk about “Full Spectrum Living—With Death In Mind.” What does it mean to live with passion and purpose in a time of extinction?

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 12.20.15 -

    In this episode, “A Light In Dark Times,” Carolyn offers an urgent Winter Solstice, inspirational “fireside chat.” Where are we going as an Earth community? What is the Earth asking of us right now?

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 12.13.15 -

    Tyler Hess returns to the Lifeboat Hour to share his perspective as a member of the millennial generation on climate chaos, the collapse of industrial civilization, and how living in intimate relationship with Earth in the face of the Sixth Great Extinction sustains us and all life in the universe.

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 12.06.15 -

    Author and wisdom teacher, Mirabai Starr, joins Carolyn to discuss the Dark Night Of The Globe as well as The Dark Night Of The Soul in troubled times. 

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 11.22.15 -

    Carolyn is joined by activist, author, and Rumi scholar, Andrew Harvey as they discuss the human shadow and the global crisis and how we can heal both the personal and collective shadow.

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 11.15.15 -

    Carolyn and Charles Eisenstein are all over the map discussing things they both care about deeply.

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 11.08.15 -

    Carolyn talks with energy activist Nancy La Placa about the climate cost of fossil fuels and dirty energy with some surprises about which forms of energy really are cleaner. 

  • The Lifeboat Hour – 10.25.15 -

    Carolyn and Francis Weller discuss the need to become skilled practitioners of conscious grieving along with his new book, The Wild Edge of Sorrow.

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