All your talk is worthless
When compared to one whisper
of the Beloved.



In these turbulent times, it is both comforting and inspiring to hear the words of the mystical Persian poet, Rumi, who after more than 700 years is being passionately embraced by millions around the world who crave the juice and joy of poetry that speaks powerfully and personally to life in this age of uncertainty.


Andrew Harvey is both a Rumi scholar and an extraordinary reader of Rumi’s poetry. Hans Christian is a stunning composer and conductor, and together, Harvey and Christian have produced “The Rumi Symphony: A Journey Into Divine Passion” which is an exquisite collection of Rumi poetry read by Andrew Harvey, accompanied by the compelling, heart-swelling strains of instrumentals composed and performed by Hans Christian.


Magnatune writes that: “For many years Andrew Harvey dreamed of creating with a great musician, a Rumi Symphony that would fuse together his translations and freshly composed music in a complete unfolding of Rumi’s vision of the path of divine love and passion. When he heard Hans Christian’s profound and wonderful playing during an initiation into the Chartres Mystery School of Wisdom University in France, he was overwhelmed with joy and knew that he had at last found the musician and composer that had the musical virtuosity and depth of spirit that could create exactly what he had dreamed of.”


Perhaps mirroring the times in which we live, the “Rumi Symphony” is a journey of descent from the so-called ordinary into the dark night, onward and inward, to union and joyous celebration. I enthusiastically recommend this masterful, artistic celebration of the soul’s journey and the light of Rumi shining brilliantly in dark times. In fact, I can’t stop listening to it!

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