It’s easy to be stunned and heartbroken by the stories of social, environmental, and human tragedies we hear each day. But there is hope—a path to healing is available to us if we are willing to unearth and transform our relationship with our individual and collective shadow, which lies at the root of our planetary predicament.

Guided by the poetic inspiration of spiritual activist Andrew Harvey and the practical wisdom of author Carolyn Baker, we learn what the shadow is, how it has created this unprecedented global crisis, and how we can heal as individuals and as a society.

Through lecture, discussion, partner work, and indoor and outdoor exercises, we are lovingly supported as we develop a keen awareness of the shadow and how to work with it. As our skill improves and we embrace what we have disowned in ourselves and the world, we experience more intimacy and authenticity and are able to engage more passionately in the sacred activism that is so necessary today.

Anyone looking to successfully navigate our turbulent times is welcome as we weave a passage of recognition, restoration, resilience, and radical joy.

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