There is an important invitation in this moment that is calling us forth as individuals and as community.  As the world around us feels more intense, we are being given an opportunity to tune in to a deeper understanding of who we are and how we show up in life.


The Awaken to Wholeness Summit was created as a platform for all of us to dive in to the deeper questions that are arising within us and invite us back into our hearts so we can live in integrity, in our fullness, and take part in the evolution of our world. I am excited to speak as part of this vision, along with so many incredible voices, who have come together to strengthen our sense of Self and move us forward in connection and compassion.


From the comfort of your home and at no cost, you will experience 25+ thought leaders, including New York Times best selling authors, international broadcasters, Grammy® nominated musicians, award winning poets, professors, activists and evolutionary catalysts, sharing their experiences, wisdom and practical tools, along with some exciting free gifts, for deepening our connection to life.

Speakers include: Andrew Harvey, Brian Swimme, Molly Young Brown, Parker Palmer, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Drew Dellinger and more.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the timely presentations:

  • Psycho-Spiritual Wholeness: The Journey into Self through Psychosynthesis with Didi Firman and Jon Schottland
  • Ecology of Awakening with Kerry Brady
  • How to be the Catalyst for World Peace with Jo Englesson
  • Dreaming Ourselves Home with Toko-pa
  • Mantra- A Whisper in a Hurricane with Deva Premal and Miten
  • Coming Back to Life: Reconnecting Self and World with Molly Young Brown
  • Living From Wholeness: Ending the Self-Help Addiction and Finally Experiencing the Innate Confidence & Creativity of your Soul with Shirly Joy Weiss

Along with me, other speakers include Evolutionary Cosmologist Brian Swimme, Founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism Andrew Harvey, Award-winning poet and cosmologist Drew Dellinger and more.  This all-star cast has been brought together by the Awaken to Wholeness host Val Silidker, M.S., PLC – Founder of Inspired Life Workshops, international speaker, deep ecologist, board certified psychosynthesis coach and paradigm hacker.

REGISTER NOW an mark your calendar:

Are you ready to participate more fully in your own life and create a powerful positive impact in our world?