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► 99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.

► 97% of Tigers gone since 1914.

► 90% of Lions gone since 1993.

► 90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.

► 90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.

► 90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.

► 80% of Antarctic Krill gone since 1975.

► 80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

► 60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.

► 50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.

► 50% of Human Sperm Counts gone since 1950.

► 80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.

► 50% of Forest Bird Species will be gone in 50 years.

► 40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.

► 40% of ocean phytoplankton gone since 1950.

► Ocean plankton declines of 1% per year means 50% gone in 70 years, more than 1% is likely.

► Ocean acidification doubles by 2050, triples by 2100.

► 30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.

► 70% of Marine Birds gone since 1950.

► 28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.

► 28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.

► Humans and livestock are 97% of earth’s land-air vertebrate biomass.

► 10,000 years ago humans and livestock were a mere 0.01% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

► Humans and livestock are now 97% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

► Our crop and pasture lands caused 80% of all land vertebrate species extinctions.–Facing-the-Mass-Extinction

► 1,000,000 humans, net, are added to earth every 4½ days.

► We must produce more food in the next 50 years than we have in the past 10,000 years combined.

► We need 6 million hectares of new farmland every single year for the next 30 years to do this.

► We lose 12 million hectares of farmland every single year due to soil degradation, depletion and loss.

► Humanity has only 60 years of farming left at current world soil degradation rates.

► We already passed world peak production growth-rates in 2006 for wheat, soy, corn, wood and fish.

► IMPORTANT: All IPCC mitigation, sequestration and adaptive strategies assume m-o-r-e farmland is available,

► In 10 years, 4 billion people will be short of fresh water, 2 billion will be severely short of fresh water.

► One billion humans now walk a mile each day for fresh water.

► Humans and livestock eat 40% of earth’s annual land chlorophyll production.

► We are running out of cheap, accessible potassium and phosphates.

► These irreplaceable fertilizers cannot be manufactured by humans.

► We can recycle phosphates, but we don’t because of because of mining interests.

► The nitrogen cycle is so badly corrupted it kills off river and ocean life.

► We face mounting crop losses due to drought, flood and extreme weather.

► We destroy 13 million hectares (26 million acres) of forest every single year.

► There are 80,000 untested chemicals in our environment.

► Mixed together in our bodies they are even more dangerous.

► We add thousands of chemicals to our food in a untrustworthy regulatory environment.

► We spray so much herbicide and pesticide, our croplands are “Green Deserts”.

► Super Weeds & Super Pests make us spray more & different poisons on the land.

► GM foods destroy soil ecology and poisons us without our permission.

► GM crops destroyed 90% of Monarch Butterflies in 20 years.

► GM cotton stalks kill livestock that eat it.

► 3 neo-nicotinoid infused seeds will kill one bird. Nicotinoids are water soluble.

► Monocultures cause bee malnutrition due to a lack of bio-diversity in pollen sources.

► Bee malnutrition weakens colonies against poisons, disease and extreme weather.

► We add nanoparticles to our foods without testing for long term safety.

► We add computer designed, synthetic DNA to our food.

► We kill elephants and orangutans in Indonesia to clear forests to grow palm oil.

► This palm oil is burnt as “green” bio-fuel in Germany’s diesel cars in Europe.

► Rainforests are slashed and burned in South America to grow soy.

► Pigs in China eat half of all the soy grown in South America.

► Soy oil is burnt as bio-fuel in Northern Europe.

► Our food is killing off life on earth.

How a farmer described growing wheat over the last 20 years…


► Plant seed harvested from previous year

► Allow wheat to grow naturally

► Harvest cutting ~1 foot from ground (storing some seed for next year’s use, selling the extra)

► Plow (turning chaff, stubble, and weeds into ground for nutrient breakdown)

► Remove from planting rotation for 1 year

► Plow (cutting off roots)

► Plow (turn plant material into soil)

► Repeat


► Plant seeds bought from GMO manufacturer

► Drench with GMO’s herbicide to prevent anything else from growing

► Spray with chemical fertilizers (because the ground doesn’t have enough nutrients)

► Spray with herbicide to kill the whole field at once to ensure the whole field is ready to cut at the same time.

► Harvest, cutting the wheat all the way to the ground because it doesn’t grow tall enough due to lack of nutrients

► Sell all seeds that came off of plants (it’s illegal to keep anything)

► Burn off minimal stubble and turn once into the ground with disc.

► Repeat until soil is gone.


► Runaway mass extinction is unstoppable and irreversible once started.–Facing-the-Mass-Extinction

► Green Energy is our solution to Climate Change.

► But, Climate Change is only 1 of 6 Direct Drivers for Mass Extinction.

► 50% of land vertebrate species died off in the last 50 years.

► 50% of land vertebrate species will die off in the next 40 years.

► +50% = Unstoppable Irreversible Mass Extinction.

► 75% Species Loss = Mass Extinction.

► The 6 Direct Drivers of Mass Extinction are:

… 1) Invasive Species

… 2) Over-Population

… 3) Over-Exploitation

… 4) Habitat Loss

….5) Climate Change

….6) Pollution


► Humans and livestock are earth’s number one invasive species.

► We are in the last doubling of resource demand.

► At current growth rates our energy demand will exceed the output of the sun in 1,500 years.

► Energy demand is set to double in 50 years.

► Emissions have to go down 80% in 30 years.

► Renewable energy uses more minerals for less energy than fossil fuels.

► Post-peak minerals will hit in 20 years – more energy needed for less minerals extracted.

► It takes 10X more intermittent electrical energy to displace one unit of fossil electrical energy.

► It takes one ton of coal to make just 6 solar panels.

► Solar and wind turbine production is deadly toxic.

► Green energy systems only last 30 years and have to be replaced.

► We can’t replace billions of green systems every 30 years and save earth.

► Recycling their alloys is difficult and uses more energy than mining.

► Green energy doesn’t run on the sun and wind, it runs on mining minerals.

► Green energy is driven by short-term greedy capitalism and corruption.

► Green energy products will have to be replaced in 30 years during extreme shortages.

► Especially under current emissions-depletions-extinction scenarios.

► 40% Green Energy requires 200% more copper says John Timmer of Ars Technica.

► Peak copper hits 2030 – 2040 says Ugo Bardi.

► Post peak copper production cannot accelerate at any price says Dave Lowell.

► This is true of any post peak mineral production.

► There is no real substitute for copper says Mat McDermott of Motherboard.

► We mined 50% of all the copper in human history in just the last 30 years.

► 100% green energy requires 500% more copper.

► Peak minerals includes more than just copper.

► By 2050, expect to be past peaks for tin, silver, nickel, zinc, cadmium and more.

► Most new hi-tech green energy exotic mineral requirements are energy-cost prohibitive.

► We move some 3 billion tons of earth per year to get 15 millions tons of copper.

► We can’t afford to mine 500% more copper at ever lower concentrations.

► We cannot recycle it into existence.

► We cannot conserve it into existence.

► Substituting aluminum for copper wire takes 5X the energy and is a brittle fire hazard.

► Google’s own Stanford Phd, green energy experts, Ross Koningstein and David Fork, tell IEEE Spectrum why … green energy “simply won’t work” and is a “false dream” without major lifestyle changes.

► You can see humanity fly off the charts here:

► In just 13 years, we will “lock in” an inevitable near term 6°C earth temp rise because we continually exceed the worse-case emissions scenario set out back in 2007 says climate scientist, Dr. Michael Jennings.

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