by Carolyn Baker and Friends from Around the Net

The Serpent And The Dove: Wisdom For Navigating The Future, By Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

Few Americans under the age of 50 have a grasp of fascism or the history of fascist movements in modern history. Hitler and the holocaust mesmerize the culture with horror, yet a fundamental understanding of fascist ideology is absent. We believe that the election of Donald Trump, surrounded as it is by the primacy of corporate capitalism, emboldened by Tea Party ideology, mindlessly sanctioned by an uninformed electorate, and mirrored in numerous neo-fascist movements around the world, is a watershed moment in American history–in fact, the ideal combination of ingredients that is likely to result in a full-fledged fascist American state.

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Lessons From The Holocaust For Our Time, By Dianne Monroe

The story is etched in my bones. I remember its telling and retelling as far back as my early childhood memories. The details are blurred with the passing of time. No one who lived it is still alive. I would not know how to verify the specific facts. So I write this story to the best of my memory, knowing its truth in the deepest and widest sense.

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History In The Making At Standing Rock, By Paul Levy

Every now and then an event happens in our world that captures my imagination, touching something really deep within me. The Native American protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) at Standing Rock, North Dakota is just such an event. This has the feeling of a truly seminal, historic event in which we are all invited to participate. The peaceful protests by what are known as the “water protectors” against a multi-billion dollar corporation putting an oil pipeline through what the Native Americans consider sacred land, endangering the source of their water—i.e., of life itself—is a deeply symbolic event with real life consequences. In a very real sense, the protest is itself a sacred ceremony being performed on the world stage, being done on behalf of all of humanity – which is to say, all of us.

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Teal Swan: The Role Of Spiritual Resilience

In this interview with Teal Swan, a modern spiritual teacher and catalyst, I use this quote by Carl Jung:

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul.
One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

More and more I am concerned with how individuals are going to face the painful awakening that is before us all as our earth’s ecosystems continue to decline and collapse.

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All Solutions Are Inadequate: Why It Doesn’t Matter If Politicians Mention Climate Change, By Kristine Mattis

Some ado has been made of the fact that the major presidential candidates have barely spoken about the environment. Hillary Clinton acknowledges that climate change is a real phenomenon and should be addressed. Donald Trump has said it was a hoax and a money-making industry. (Which begs the question: Why didn’t he get in on that huge business opportunity?). Of course, Trump equivocates, then denies his global warming denial. Truth is, he really couldn’t give a shit. It has no bearing on his pursuit of fame and fortune. But does it matter whether or not he believes it, or whether or not Clinton believes it, for that matter? Does it really matter that topics of environmental importance such as climate change, water pollution, air pollution, industrial farming, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and toxic waste are neglected, given the paucity and inadequacy of the solutions proposed?

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Fear Of A Living Planet, By Charles Eisenstein

Reposted from Kosmos Journal Does the concept of a living planet uplift and inspire you, or is it a disturbing example of woo-woo nonsense that distracts us from practical, science-based policies? The scientifically-oriented nuts-and-bolts environmental or social...

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Blind Spot, By Peter Russell

Warning: The following challenges one of our deepest held paradigms—our view of humanity’s future and place in evolution. As a human being with an investment in the future of our species, you may find yourself profoundly disturbed and resisting its conclusions.

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Dark Gold: Interview with Simran Singh on 11:11 Talk Radio

In this audio interview, Simran and Carolyn closely examine both the personal shadow with which we all must contend individually and the collective shadow to which the personal shadows of some seven billion people contribute. The influence of both on the human species is gargantuan, and the current global crisis which threatens to erase all life from planet Earth is a horrifying testimony to the destructiveness of the shadow unseen and unhealed. Click Read More to listen!

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A Review of Dark Gold, By Carolyn Baker–Reviewed By Frank Kaminski

The joy that comes of feeling one’s grief rather than suppressing it is but one instance of the dark gold to be mined from the shadow. Other forms of dark gold include increased self-acceptance, healthier personal relationships, greater control over one’s unwanted emotional reactions and access to previously untapped creative energies. Moreover, every gain that one makes in reclaiming his or her own shadow improves the overall state of the collective shadow, which in turn brings the Earth community closer to being healed. “Since the collective shadow is comprised of the projections of individuals,” writes Baker, “even minimal reclamation of our own projections facilitates harmonious communication and interaction within the human community and the planet at large.”

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The Illusion And Truth Of Courage, By Deb Ozarko

Simply put, Gaea doesn’t want our culturally conditioned bullshit. She wants our essence. She doesn’t want us to play nice. She wants us to play by her rules. Gaea’s rules support life. They don’t support “sustainable” fishing, “humane” slaughter, “grass-fed” beef, “free-range” pigs, “cage-free” chickens, “responsible” forestry, “conscious” consumption, “eco” this, “green” that, or any of the other semantic lies we tell ourselves to appease the guilt-ridden conscience birthed from our separation psychosis.

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Elephants In Drastic Decline

The Great Elephant Census makes it hard to remain optimistic about the survival of this majestic species. But the news should only cause us to put our shoulder to the problem in a more concerted way, since the very existence of the species is at stake. The research results are a blaring siren for all of us to see and hear, and to rush to help the emergency personnel already deploying to help the elephants.

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