Resilience Bridge: A new course with Carolyn Baker and Dean Walker

Resilience: The life giving ability to shift from a reaction of denial or despair to learning, growing, and thriving in the midst of challenge. We are living in a time like no other in human history. We are living in a Post-Truth world in which telling the truth is an...

Join Me And A Host Of Major Thought Leaders For This Free Summit

There is an important invitation in this moment that is calling us forth as individuals and as community.  As the world around us feels more intense, we are being given an opportunity to tune in to a deeper understanding of who we are and how we show up in life....

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An integrity model that has worked beautifully since 2008. As we feel the reverberations of collapse and catastrophic climate change in our lives, I continue to notice that they are nudging-or catapulting us-into a new paradigm. Old perceptions and methods aren't...

Announcing the NEW Lifeboat Hour Podcast

Today, March 28, 2016, I am launching the first episode of the New Lifeboat Hour podcast.

Carolyn Baker is a true revolutionary and fore-runner for the emerging zeitgeist of what I have come to call, the Perennialist Movement….a trust built on the foundations of indigenous wisdom and spiritual heritage. She is providing a safe place to have dangerous conversations about uncertain futures, and is our best hope for the societal schizophrenia that is truly the gravest danger to our humanity.

— John Glavis

Resilience Bridge: Real Tools for Real Times

There has never been a course like this.

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Ashland, Oregon, Sep 15-17 Boulder, Colorado, Oct 13-15


The Lifeboat Hour

In 2014 Carolyn acquired the Lifeboat Hour on Progressive Radio Network from the late Michael Ruppert. She is now podcasting on her own with guests and commentary which provide practical tools for navigating the turbulent waters of the global crisis.

Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age

Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network and Deborah Beauvais are thrilled to Announce Carolyn Baker Host of The New Lifeboat Hour will join the Evolutionary Voices for the Quantum Age platform starting August 5th 8am & 8pmET.

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I used to think the top environmental problems facing the world were global warming, environmental degradation and eco-system collapse, and that we scientists could fix those problems with enough science. But I was wrong. The real problem is not those three items, but greed, selfishness and apathy. And for that we need a spiritual and cultural transformation. And we scientists don’t know how to do that.

— Gus Speth

Conversations with Andrew Harvey

Carolyn Baker has risen phoenix-like from the smoking ashes of many previous selves and psychic deaths, and knows from her own experience how the deepest crises birth the most astounding and transformative possibilities.

— Andrew Harvey

News and Articles

Navigating The Trumpist Chapter Of Civilization’s Collapse, By Carolyn Baker

In a recent article “Beyond Trump: Rebooting the System from inside the Death Machine,” Nafeez Ahmed, Andrew Markell, and Gunther Sonnenfeld articulated their perspective on Trump’s rise to power less succinctly and with fewer no-nonsense tools than I intend to offer in this essay. While coming close to the heart of the matter, they didn’t quite arrive which often happens when attempting to clarify “the crisis of civilization.” After all, we’ve never been here before, and if we’re honest, we must admit that we have difficulty articulating it for ourselves and never quite know how to articulate it to others.

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Heavy Lies The Crown, By Michael Meade

Chaos in the White House reflects the deepening turmoil in the psyche of the president as deep-seated inner conflicts become projected as radical dangers and threats in the outside world. Because there can be no genuine reflection and no failure can be admitted, the desperate sense of superiority demands that all enterprises be deemed a success. The need to be seen as omnipotent and uniquely able to solve everything means not only that the truth and the facts will be routinely rejected, but also that the security of the country and the guiding principles of democracy may also be sacrificed.

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Awaiting Our Own Reichstag Fire, By Richard Heinberg

In this war of the elites, those who understand the “crisis of civilization” and are working to build community resilience as a response should be wary of hyper-partisanship. It may be essential over the short run to oppose both the rise of an authoritarian state and the dismantling of national climate policy. But no matter how fierce the contest, it is vital to remember that getting rid of Donald Trump will not make America great again.

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Learning To See In The Dark: An Interview With Joanna Macy By Dahr Jamail

But it’s not over yet. And I’m here with my brothers and sisters, and even if we go under, and I have to admit looks more likely today than yesterday, we’re going to discover how big is our strength, and how big is our love for life. We can do that, and see how much we care. And we can be scared. I can see myself now in a situation where I can forget these words. Because the global corporate economy has developed such tools for destroying the mind through different ways of breaking the mind.

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The Madness of King Donald: Protecting One’s Sanity And Soul, By Carolyn Baker

King Donald is the ultimate finished product of industrial civilization’s paradigm and the consummate mirror of our personal and collective shadows. It may be that before he completes his first term, he will be impeached or removed by some other means. Catabolic collapse and the climate catastrophe that he is presently exacerbating will continue unabated. Other madmen or madwomen will succeed him. But more importantly, he isn’t just one politician who isn’t any worse than another.

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The Hard Landing Of Autocracy

For all those who said that Trump would not follow through with his campaign promises, notice the extent to which he is doing exactly as he said he would and more

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When Fear Comes, By Chris Hedges

The coming arrests mean that a wide range of Americans will experience the violations that poor people of color have long endured. Self-interest alone should have generated sweeping protest, should have made the nation as a whole more conscious. We should have understood: Once rights become privileges that the state can revoke, they will eventually be taken away from everyone. Now those who had been spared will get a taste of what complicity in oppression means.

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About Carolyn

Carolyn Baker’s mission is to create islands of sanity in a sea of global chaos. This mission necessitates the development of a variety of emotional tools alongside commitment to spiritual transformation. Through her multi-faceted outreach via webinars, podcasts, live workshops, books, and articles, as well as one-on-one life coaching, Carolyn is touching the lives of thousands to assist them in preparing for the dire consequences of the collapse of industrial civilization and abrupt climate change. One of her principal goals at this time is to expand her teaching outreach online by presenting more webinars and online workshops as well as workshops for live audiences.

Inherited from Mike Ruppert, the New Lifeboat Hour, now in Carolyn’s capable hands, is reaching thousands of people each week around the world as Carolyn engages in conversation with a variety of captivating guests who offer suggestions for creating and operating Lifeboats for navigating our turbulent times.

Hundreds of people have worked with Carolyn in the past five years to receive guidance around living and loving in the midst of global collapse. Carolyn also offers spiritual counseling to provide meaning and purpose in a time of personal and collective suffering. Carolyn is available to individuals who want a companion on their spiritual journey and seek guidance in finding meaning and purpose in turbulent times.

Carolyn believes that one of the key tools we need for navigating the global crisis is solid information. For nearly a decade, Carolyn has published a comprehensive Daily News Digest, seven days per week unless she is traveling. This amazing, subscription-based newsletter contains key stories on economics, the environment, geopolitics, civil liberties, civil unrest, and cultural trends—and contains a unique Inspiration section which reports ways in which people around the world are responding to our planetary predicament.


This website was made possible as a result of a small legacy from the late Richard (Nick) Fyffe who wholeheartedly supported my work and who devoted his last years to justice-making for the LGBT community. In 2011 Nick founded New Wings, an organization dedicated to supporting LGBT individuals who had been influenced by various fundamentalisms and were struggling to integrate spirituality and sexual orientation.